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We at Ashcroft Lawyers pride ourselves in our skills and expertise when it comes to advising, representing and looking after the client and providing that all-important full picture. The service we offer features a distinct emphasis on social and family law, however, client and professional circles have also come to associate us quite significantly with such areas as medical malpractice liability, traffic & transport law, civil law in general and, more particularly, insurance law.

Competences at a glance

Social law

In the area of social law, we provide our clients with legal advice and a representation service on all aspects of severe disability, accident and pension law as well as those issues addressed in Social Security Code SGB II.

Family law

Our expertise in the area of family law is the client’s guarantee of professional support when confronted with the challenges of divorce or of assertion of visitation entitlements in relation to their children; our service likewise encompasses all aspects of maintenance and child-support law.

Medical law / medical malpractice liability

In the area of medical malpractice liability, we represent patients seeking to assert their rights against physicians or hospitals on grounds of medical malpractice that they have encountered under their care. We accompany individuals affected throughout legal proceedings, which we manage on their behalf at all levels.

Traffic & transport law

In the area of traffic & transport law, we successfully assert the legitimate claim of the wronged party against insurance companies. We take great care to insure that all aspects of compensation are covered, including some which are frequently overlooked, such as loss incurred through inability to personally manage the household.

Insurance law

In the area of insurance law, we assert the legitimate entitlements of the affected party against their insurance company. Claims relating to supplementary occupational disability insurance, accident insurance claims and, in particular, those involving client-entitlements through health-insurance cover are just some of the areas that highlight the calibre and quality of the service that we provide.

Labour law

Labour law is the part of the civil law system that regulates the legal relationships between employees and employers as well as between employees, trade unions, works representatives and their negotiating partners on the employer side. We are happy to provide you with active advice and support in this area.

Landlord & tenant law

Tenancy law primarily serves to protect tenants, but also protects landlords' rights. Landlord's rights include, for example, the punctual payment of rent and the dunning procedure in the case of rent arrears, the action for eviction, the rent increase after modernisation and the notice of termination for own use. We advise you on all questions relating to tenancy law.

Criminal law

The aim of this area of law is to protect citizens and their connected legal interests and to safeguard the social values of the state. Criminal law includes the legal norms of the StGB that prohibit and criminalise certain acts or conduct by citizens.

Contract law

Contract law is a field of law that covers all contracts and contract settlements. In the area of contract law, the legal effects and breaches of contract play a major role in determining the validity of the existing contract or the contracts yet to be concluded. Here, the smallest details matter; we will be happy to review your documents and advise you on any questions.

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Michael A.C Ashcroft, Lawyer

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