“Transparency and trust are the pillars upon which successful representation of the client is built“

Michael A.C. Ashcroft
Specialist lawyer for family law & social law | lawyer for labour law, medical liability & insurance law

We advise, represent,
support and clarify

We at Ashcroft Lawyers pride ourselves in our skills and expertise when it comes to advising, representing and looking after the client and providing that all-important full picture. The service we offer features a distinct emphasis on social and family law, however, client and professional circles have also come to associate us quite significantly with such areas as medical malpractice liability, traffic & transport law, civil law in general and, more particularly, insurance law.





At Ashcroft Lawyers, the needs of our clients dictate the focus of our areas of assignment and the nature of our work. Our work focuses primarily on family, social and labour law. In addition, we provide a legal advisory service in the areas of medical, landlord & tenant and traffic & transport Law. Our clients range from private individuals right through to large-scale corporate enterprises based throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

We stand for competence, dependability and quality - features of the service that we provide which our clients have come to appreciate over many years. Whenever we are confronted with extensive legal issues and projects of a technically specific and, consequently, more challenging content, it is our policy to bring on board cooperation partners, who possess the expertise and qualification required to address and deal with the issues involved. This enables us to respond to your subject-specific needs with state-of-the-art solutions.


See for yourself and experience our service first-hand by simply making an appointment for a consultation. On-going training and further education for our entire team in their respective line of work are of fundamental importance to us. As we see it, providing a professional service also means being able to conduct your international correspondence in English.

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Michael A.C Ashcroft, Lawyer

Specialist lawyer for family law and social law | lawyer for labour law, medical malpractice and insurance law in Haigerloch.